Air New Zealand Trading Halted As 20pct Stake Sold

CME Group, which runs four exchanges, said in a statement that information belonging to customers using its CME ClearPort services for the OTC market was compromised. ClearPort is a centralized clearing service for energy markets, according to the company’s website. “To protect participants, CME Group forced a change to customer credentials impacted by the incident, and is corresponding directly with the impacted customers,” the company said. The intrusion is under investigation by federal law enforcement, CME Group said. It did not explain why it was disclosing the attack four months later. Trades using its CME Globex electronic trading platform are not believed to have been affected, and there’s no evidence that CME Clearing, CME Clearing Europe and trading in CME markets were disrupted.

First off, last year’s screen actually revealed several dozen companies that met the screening criteria. I then selected the seven that appeared to be the most promising. Just one year later, the ranks are much thinner, with just 30 candidates. This is not all that surprising; in rising markets, value is harder to find. This year’s candidates are also significantly smaller, in terms of market cap, than last year’s crop and significantly less well known and followed. By way of reminder, the screening criteria are as follows: No financial names Long-term debt to equity less than 50% Companies must be profitable on a trailing 12 month basis Minimum market cap $100 million Aircraft and aviation outsourcing company Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings ( AAWW ), is one of the more intriguing names.

On the over-the-counter market, the dollar was at CNY6.0927 at Tuesday’s close, higher than Monday’s close of CNY6.0920. It traded in a narrow range of CNY6.0910 to CNY6.0933. Mr Zhou said China would relax approval requirements for cross-border investment movements under the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor and Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor programs. The central bank chief also said the bank’s medium-term goal was to fully liberalize interest rates. Mr. Zhou also said China would set up a fund to back a planned bank deposit insurance program.

The government says the sales will help it reduce public debt and enable it to spend more on needed infrastructure including schools, hospitals and roads. Opponents say the program is unnecessary and ideologically driven. Air New Zealand was government owned before 1989. It was then sold as a private company, until 2002 when a near-bankruptcy prompted the government to bail out the company in exchange for a 76.5 percent stake.

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