Monday’s Etf With Unusual Volume: Iyj

The ETF double short dow holds a total of $3,324,995 worth of HLX, making it the #77 largest holding. The table below details the recent insider buying activity observed at HLX: HLX last trade: $20.91 Recent Insider Buys: Purchased $21.62 $54,050.00 Special Offer: Join the income investing conversation on with a special Seven Days for Seven Dollars invitation from Forbes. And Sanchez Energy Corp. ( NYSE: SN ), the #96 largest holding among components of the Vanguard Energy ETF ( AMEX: VDE ), shows 2 directors and officers as recently filing Form 4s indicating purchases. The ETF holds $1,838,623 worth of SN, which represents approximately 0.07% of the ETFs total assets at last check.

Industrials ETF (IYJ) is seeing unusually high volume in afternoon trading Monday, with over 3.8 million shares traded versus three month average volume of about 201,000. Components of that ETF with the highest volume on Monday were General Electric (GE), trading down about 0.8% with over 17.4 million shares changing hands so far this session, and Xerox (XRX), off about 0.3% on volume of over 9.0 million shares. Industrials ETF, trading lower by about 3.4%.

and developing world equity funds to European equivalents. Cementing the notion that some investors are willing to embrace single-country risk with what was previously believed to be some of the Eurozones riskier fare, EWI pulled in $47 million just last week and has hauled in nearly $114 million since the start of the year. Said another way, nearly 12% of EWIs $966.1 million in assets have come into the ETF just this year. Although EWIs 3.1% year-to-date ranks as a middling performance among the five PIIGS country-specific ETFs, the lone Italy fund has outpaced the comparable France, Germany and Switzerland ETFs. [Dash to Trash Helps PIIGS ETFs] Italy, the Eurozones third-largest economy behind Germany and France, remains politically volatile compared to other developed nations and that political volatility has lent itself to economic challenges. On the upside Italy seems to be heading out of a recessionary slump that has led to the highest level of unemployment in decades, reports Gordon Sorlini for Gazetta del Sud .

ETF Chart of the Day: Bieber ETFs

(3.61%). What is noticeable is the concentration of Financial Services stocks on the top end of the portfolio, with 34.22% of the portfolio residing there. Energy is also well represented at 23.4%, followed by Basic Materials (11.69%), and Industrials (7.17%). Canada has rallied fiercely in the past several sessions with EWC bumping up against its 50 day MA after briefly dipping below its 200 day just five trading sessions ago.

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