Obama To Embark On Defense Of His Foreign Policy

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Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/theoval/2014/05/25/obama-west-point-speech-foreign-policy-defense/9565323/

Obama thanks troops in Afghanistan, says ‘Al Qaeda is on its heels … because of you’ – CNN Political Ticker – CNN.com Blogs

( Christi Parsons, Kathleen Hennessey ) Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki was among those who accompanied Obama to Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia, where the president spoke at the amphitheater and laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Shinseki is under fire over allegations that some VA medical facilities falsified documents to hide long waiting lists for care. Obama noted Monday that he had just returned from Afghanistan and pledged that the nation would always honor veterans, including the nearly 2,200 American patriots who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan. As weve been reminded in recent days, he said, we must do more to keep faith with our veterans and their families, and ensure they get the care and benefits and opportunities that they’ve earned and that they deserve. 31 At Arlington, Obama noted that this is the cemeterys 150th anniversary. Here, in perfect military order, lie the patriots who won our freedom and saved the Union, he said.
Source: http://www.latimes.com/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-obama-arlington-20140526-story.html

Obama Pays Respects at Arlington, Vows to Children of Fallen Vets, ‘You Will Never Walk Alone’ – ABC News

May 26, 2014 10:17 am at 10:17 am | Usaman The incompetent boob just outed the chief CIA officer in Afghanistan according to usa today. Well done liar in chief can’t even visit the troops competently … May 26, 2014 10:33 am at 10:33 am | Pope Algore Every time you think Obama and the Democrats have proven how inconceivably incompetent they are, Obama always ups the ante and surprises you with something like leaking the name of the top spy in Afghanistan to the entire world! Letting Democrats anywhere near national defense is liking letting toddlers play with matches and gun powder… May 26, 2014 10:50 am at 10:50 am | KEVIN Who’s handling the wreath ceremony at the Unknown Soldier today?
Source: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2014/05/25/president-obama-makes-surprise-visit-to-afghanistan/

President Obama honors the fallen at Arlington on Memorial Day – Los Angeles Times

A link has been sent. Done Obama in new bid to define foreign policy By Stephen Collinson 4 hours ago 0 shares View gallery . Washington (AFP) – He’s been president for five and a half years, brought troops home from Iraq, is winding down the Afghan war, killed Osama bin Laden and crafted a multitude of speeches defining his worldview. Yet President Barack Obama still feels the need to make a new attempt to explain his foreign policy to Americans this week. It’s a measure of threats to his reputation as a statesman that Obama, who rode a willingness to talk to US enemies like Iran, avoid foreign quagmires and wage war by http://www.obamastudentloanforgiveness.net/ drone to two presidential terms, is giving the speech at all. Top aides say the speech at West Point military academy Wednesday will set out a broad foreign policy framework for a president who has resisted defining a personal diplomatic doctrine.
Source: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-bid-define-foreign-policy-015645601.html

Obama talks Ukraine, swipes at Vladimir Putin – Edward-Isaac Dovere – POLITICO.com

Referring both to Russian-backed separatist groups [who] sought to disenfranchise entire regions and Russias occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea, Obama called the presidential elections an important step forward. + reset Administration officials had long pointed to the presidential elections as the critical next step for Ukraine. The country has had an interim president since shortly after Viktor Yanukovych, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, fled in late February in the face of mounting protests about his efforts to move closer to Russia than the European Union. ( Also on POLITICO: Obama: Troops done in Afghanistan in 2014 ) Throughout the last few months, the Ukrainian people have repeatedly demonstrated their desire to choose their leaders without interference and to live in a democracy where they can determine their own future free of violence and intimidation, read Obamas statement, which was released while he was on a surprise visit to troops stationed in Afghanistan . Petro Poroshenko, a billionaire candy tycoon known as the Chocolate King, claimed victory based on exit polls that showed him above 50 percent, far ahead of Yulia Tymoshenko, the former prime minister who was released from jail shortly after Yanukovych fled.
Source: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/05/ukraine-elections-barack-obama-vladimir-putin-107080.html

Obama in new bid to define foreign policy – Yahoo News

This Memorial Day has special meaning, given that next week marks the 70th anniversary of the D-day landing at Normandy, a day that was perhaps Americas bloodiest day in all of World War II, a day with more than 10,000 allied casualties, such a staggering toll is difficult to comprehend. U.S. President Barack Obama lays a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, May 26, 2014, in Arlington, Virginia. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey also spoke at todays ceremony, and Vice President Joe Biden in attendance with Dr. Jill Biden, and First Lady Michelle Obama sitting with fallen service members children, who traveled to Washington to participate in the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) 20th annual Good Grief Camp. President Obama paid tribute to the nearly 2,200 Americans killed during the war in Afghanistan and the ending of the war this year. For more than 12 years, men and woman like those Ive met with [at Bagram Air Field] bore the burden of our nations security.
Source: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2014/05/obama-pays-respects-at-arlington-vows-to-children-of-fallen-vets-you-will-never-walk-alone/

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