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Since May 20 Intel is up 8.5 percent and is trading at the best level in two years. Intel makes up 19 percent of the ETF’s allocation. Related Link: 4 ETFs Moving On The ECB Decision The second largest holding at a 13 percent allocation is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (NYSE: TSM ). The stock is up 22 percent this year and trading at the best level since 2000. When two stocks make up nearly one-third of an ETF, the ETF will tend to be heavily influenced by their performance.
Source: http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeeds/benzinga/articles/etfs_sector_etfs_14_06_4618962_semiconductor_etf_up_3_straight_weeks_smh_intc_xsd_ovti.html

Who Wins The 2014 World Cup Of ETFs? – ETF News And Commentary | Benzinga

Given that XLK is in a high-risk buy area, basis both the starc and pivot resistance analysis, it turns the focus on Apple Inc. ( AAPL ), which is its largest holding. The starc band analysis of AAPL increases the chances that it will either correct or move sideways for a few weeks before it can go substantially higher. For Select Sector SPDR Technology ETF ( XLK ), look for first good support now in the $36.44 to $37.16 area while Apple Inc. ( AAPL ) has first good support in the $88.50 area with the monthly projected pivot support at $84.88.
Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomaspray/2014/06/14/look-inside-your-sector-etf-before-you-buy/

But back in 1998, fewer investors had exposure to small caps and international equities, and they werent flocking to total market products like they are today. Something as familiar as the Dow it was a no brainer to launch a product, Hougan said. As index investing has evolved, it now looks like a no brainer to steer clear of the Dow ETF, unless youre especially enamored of its 30 components and price-weighted approach . Over the past 10 years, its seen net outflows of $0.5 billion, according to ETF.com, and its slipped to 37th among U.S. ETFs in terms of assets, according to ETF Database.
Source: http://blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2014/06/11/why-the-dow-etf-is-losing-assets-and-a-little-bit-dangerous/

JPMorgan’s ETF Debut Set for Tuesday – Focus on Funds – Barrons.com

Morgan Chase ( JPM ) gets moving next Tuesday with the launch of the firms first fund, according to a just-released exchange filing . JPMXF Diversified Return Global Equity ETF, we reported ,is built with four attributes in mind: (1) finding stocks which exhibit low volatility, (2) stocks with value characteristics, (3) momentum and (4) size. Bloomberg Going passive Back in February, this blog previewed a lineup that the giant bank has no problem calling smart beta. The term has come under fire in the ETF industry and elsewhere for being vague , overpromising and something of a hash by fund marketing departments. Do you really want to call these ETFs smart beta? I put the question toBob Deutsch, head of JPMs ETF business, earlier this year. Here was the response : Its a term the industry first trust natural gas etf uses, and I dont have something to offer in terms of a better one, Deutsch said, adding, I do think there is a recognition that traditional market cap weighted index funds have unintended biases, and that because of those unintended biases, investors should at least consider other ways to invest.
Source: http://blogs.barrons.com/focusonfunds/2014/06/13/jpmorgans-etf-debut-set-for-tuesday/

Semiconductor ETF Up 3 Straight Weeks (SMH, INTC, XSD, OVTI)

France: Both of these country ETFs have Ranks of 3, so we have to go to performance as a tiebreaker. The emerging market easily beats out France since it posted an 11% gain in the trailing three month time frame. Belgium vs. Germany: We also have a rank tie here as both of these funds have Zacks ETF Ranks of 2 or Buy.
Source: http://www.benzinga.com/etfs/14/06/4629424/who-wins-the-2014-world-cup-of-etfs-etf-news-and-commentary

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